Ways to Support

Donate by Shopping

Amazon shoppers can donate through their account by using AmazonSmile and selecting the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee as their charity. A portion of the purchase price will go to Mount Calvary!

Volunteer or Donate at 3in1 Thrift

3in1 Thrift was founded by a group of Martin Luther alumni and supporters.  It started as a large garage sale out of Martin Luther's basement.  As the school enrollment grew and the garage sale items piled up, it needed its own space.  3in1 Thrift is located in West Allis, and the proceeds support Mount Calvary.

Dora Comfort Dog

Dora recently had surgery to repair a torn ligament in her knee, similar to a human ACL. The surgery was a result of overuse while in her ministry field. The amount of walking, interaction, and comfort has taken a toll on her joints. This was a move to sustain her future as a comfort dog and remain ministering to those she impacts daily. The surgery was performed flawlessly, and Dora has returned to full-time work. Her surgery impacted the team’s financial position as funds were pulled to cover the cost so she could continue to comfort those she sees on her visits. This surgery was a huge blessing to Dora, as she will be able to get back to full ministry without struggle or discomfort. 

Dora is a trained LCC K-9 Comfort Dog at the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee. She serves our school community and is deployed in times of disaster and crisis to bring comfort to all those affected, including first responders and the volunteers who serve them. Dora is a friend who brings a calming influence and allows people to open up their hearts and receive help for what is affecting them.

Make a Gift to the Chargers Fund (scroll down to give)

Proceeds from the Chargers Fund go to providing exceptional experiences for our students. The Chargers Fund is the Mount Calvary branch of the Legacy Fund, managed by the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee Foundation to provide tuition assistance and programming assistance to the schools. Contributions to this fund make a lasting impact on students whose lives will be directly touched and affected by your gifts.