Mount Calvary emphasizes students' creativity and imagination because it is important for their development as a person.  Critical thinking and problem solving are skills that are born from creative and outside of the box thinking.  Developing a the whole student includes developing their skills in music and the arts.  

Art & Music

Art classes and music classes are offered as part of the curriculum during the school day.  As part of the curriculum, it looks different in each grade level.  For example, Kindergarteners do art with their homeroom teacher sometimes multiple times a day.  Middle schoolers have music class with a specialize music instructor.  


Mount Calvary students also perform in two drama performances a year.  Encouraging students to speak, sing, and perform on stage is part of developing their leadership skills.  We have a stage and performance area in the gymnasium.  Parents and family members are encouraged to attend these performances to show support to their students. 



Mr. Steven Joyal, Music Teacher
sjoyal@mtcalvaryschool.org 414.873.3466