Middle school at Mount Calvary is 5th through 8th grade.  The goal for our middle school students is to prepare them to be accepted into a Christian High School in Milwaukee. 

93% of our 2023 graduates were accepted to a private, Christian High School. 

Of which, 58% are attending a WeTeachTruth school.


5th Grade

  • Religion: Learn Old Testament and New Testament Bible stories, lead student devotions, and prayer writing.
  • English: Practice daily proofreading, letter writing, and speeches.
  • Typing: Refine keyboarding skills.
  • Math: Learn money management, decimals, algebra, and equations.

6th Grade

  • History: Learn ancient history around the world including world geography and how civilazation has evovled.
  • Science: Focus on biology such as the human body, living things, and health.
  • Language Arts: Combines trade books, reading, and English text books with an emphasis on comprehension and meaning of worlds.

7th Grade

  • English: Work on writing quality essays that support the main idea and use proper grammer and punctuation.
  • Math: Weave in previous knowledge with pre-algebraic equations.
  • Geography: Study Africa during Black History Month and do a few different projects that allow students to get creative and have fun with geography and history.
  • Reading: Think critically about the writing as well as the content. Books include Hatchet, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and a number of short stories.
  • Science: Learn how the earth sustains life, how we can help preserve it, and how to be more environmentally friendly.

8th Grade

  • The eighth grade is dedicated to preparing students for success in high school by focusing on ensuring students are prepared for the rigors of academic research across disciplines.
  • Math & Science: Use complex algebraic equations, and cross-discipline work in science, where students graph and use mathematical principles to solve various chemical equations. Use the periodic table of elements, chemical equations, and even nuclear reactions.
  • History: Create a music project about the Revolutionary War, and learn about the experiences of African Americans before the War of 1812.


Other Fun Elements of Middle School

  • Field Trips: Cave of the Mounds, Children's Theatre, Milwaukee Public Museum 
  • Music: Music theory, choral music, handbell choir
  • Black History Month: Different projects allow students to get creative and have fun with the history of notable black men and women and the geography of Africa. Click here to see our 2022 black history video, "We are made to do great things."
  • Physical Education: Stretching, sports history, rules, teamwork, relays, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, four square