We love our 4-year-old and 5-year-old kindergarteners!  The option of half day or full day is offered to our 4-year-olds.  Our 5-year-olds spend the full school day at Mount Calvary.  This allows our families to easily have multiple students at Mount Calvary and simplify drop-off/pick-up.  Our 5-year-olds are encouraged to act like big brothers and sisters to the 4-year-olds in preparation for moving to 1st grade.  Every once in a while, activities are done together, but the learning objectives are very different because of their developmental stages!

4-year-old Kindergarten

  • 75 min nap, 30 min recess, 2 snack times
  • Learn the alphabet and sounds
  • Phonemic awareness
  • How to print letters
  • 20 sight words
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Fine motor development activities


5-year-old Kindergarten

  • 60 min quiet time, 30 min recess and snack time
  • Reading: Focus is on phonological awareness, phonics, and high-frequency words.
  • Math: Start learning addition, subtraction, and measurements.
  • Science: Making things move is one of our favorite units.
  • Social Studies: Research the geography of the neighborhood and learn about time, chronology, and symbols.  
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Kindergarten Activities

Kindergartners love all the fun activities we do! 

  • Reading Buddies: Partnering with the upper-grade students to read.
  • Black History Month: Research of MLK and other leaders and program development and celebration with the entire school.
  • Valentine's Day Party: A traditional valentines day in the classroom.
  • Jesus time:  We learn Bible stories, Bible verses, songs, and have chapel once a week
  • Field trips to the zoo, pumpkin patch, and more