Celebrating 120 Years

By Sarah Mathison on September 1, 2023

We are proud to be celebrating 120 years of Lutheran Education in the Greater Milwaukee! 


This school year alone...

2,916,300 HOURS of EDUCATION






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A Year of Growth

By Sarah Mathison on April 17, 2023
The LHSAGM has put many actions in motion during 2022 that, with God’s blessing, will benefit our students, teachers, and city in 2023 and beyond. Two new virtual schools, a partnership with the South WI District to launch a Classical High School, a blossoming business and human resources service for other non-profits, and two executive team member changes are the highlights of the year.
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Alumni Drawing Dreams into Reality

By Whitney Bartholomew on November 2, 2022

Starting in 5th grade at Mount Calvary Lutheran School, Peter Ferry and Jayson Crayton (Class of 2000) had a desire to create a different world with fantastical, mythological, and real-world influences. We collaborated with friends in every minute that they could squeeze in during study hall, lunch, or recess. Using every encyclopedia in the back of the classroom, they drew 300 detailed warriors, wizards, and monsters on notebook paper, complete with advanced stats, nonsensical rules, and chicken scratch handwriting.   

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Getting Paws-On Experiences Again

By Whitney Bartholomew on October 3, 2022

Mount Calvary students are introduced to biology in first grade, learning about plants, animals, and the environment. As they keep expanding their knowledge of the world we inhabit, 3rd and 4th grade also participates in the Animal Ambassador Program at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Mount Calvary has been involved with this program for 17 years, and the students have enjoyed this hands-on experience.  

The program’s class lessons and Zoo activities teach students about the relationship between humans, animals, and our environment. This spring, the third- and fourth-graders went on their first field trip in two years and reconnected with the animals. They learned about food chains and met Severus the snake. They also learned more about endangered animals from instructors and explored the zoo with friends. 

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Growing Hope in the City

By Whitney Bartholomew on September 1, 2022

A project that began in 2018 to serve the community and provide a good outlet for youth has flourished, literally. Pastor Dan found a plot of land just in the shadow of Ascension St. Joseph hospital. He was able to lease the space for $10 a month, and it would soon grow into a community garden.  

The mission of the garden is to create a community of youth and confident young adults whose hopes, dreams, and aspirations can be a reality through the grace of God. Pastor Dan recruited young people from the community to serve as “interns” for urban farming and drive their passion for service.  

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Made in the Image of God

By Whitney Bartholomew on August 8, 2022

Mount Calvary’s Black History Program was one of their most popular and highly attended events of the school year. Each year has a different theme. This year the theme was “Made in the Image of God; Created to Do Great Things” based on Genesis 1:27. All students spent the month learning about African American History in their classrooms. Then classes and individuals in the middle school prepared a display of historical figures, local inspirations, and important milestones in black history. The displays were set up in the gym to be viewed by their families, friends, and church members following the Black History Month Program. The fourth through eighth-graders wrote essays on the theme and several students were chosen to read their essays during the program.  

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Mr. Rich Wendt - Helping Children in the City

By Christine Oldenburg on June 21, 2022




The Reasons Behind the Teachers

Our teachers are the most important part of our ministry. They accepted the calling to work with hundreds of God's children on a daily basis.  Each teacher has unique reasons to why they chose this challenging mission as their career.  Hear from Mr. Rich Wendt on his "why", and why he is so passionate about his work.

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Better Together with a Fourth School

By Christine Oldenburg on June 21, 2022

Church frontWe welcome Mount Calvary Lutheran School as the newest school and first K-8 school of the LHSAGM!  Mount Calvary and the LHSAGM began initial discussions in 2020. Pastor Dan Czaplewski of Mount Calvary wrote to the congregation and staff, “As we looked for ways to better serve our students and to provide more resources for our teachers in their ministry, it became clear that the best way to do this was to have Mount Calvary Lutheran School become a part of the LHSAGM.”

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Schools Joining to be “Better Together”

By Christine Oldenburg on June 21, 2022

Mount Calvary Lutheran School is in discussions to become the fourth school of the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee (LHSAGM). Currently serving as a church and school, Mount Calvary has been passionately bringing Christ’s hope to the heart of the city for over 95 years.  

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